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Learn How to Choose LED Light Bulbs – A Tutorial!

So……ready to upgrade from standard light bulbs to LED’s? But not sure how to choose the right LED bulb? No problem…..we developed a Tutorial website that is fun and easy to learn all about how to choose LED bulbs. With only a short read, you can become your own expert! We teach you the basics that you need to know and include pictures to help the learning process. We know LED’s can be confusing for most people and they might not take advantage of the huge savings simply because they don’t know how to choose properly. So……..put your learning hat on and join us for a great experience. The Tutorial also has links that will take you to our main BuyRite LED shopping site so you can begin your upgrade process and shop with us for super pricing. Let’s get started now:

How to Choose LED Light Bulbs – A Tutorial

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BuyRite LED Lighting Introduces new line of LED Landscape Fixtures by FOCUS INDUSTRIES

BuyRite LED Lighting is pleased to announce our new family of LED Landscape Fixtures and Accessories by FOCUS Industries as of March 2016. FOCUS products are high quality and reasonably priced to meet the needs of Landscape Designers, Contractors, and Homeowners alike. We must also mention that FOCUS products are “USA Made” and offer a variety of finishes to satisfy the most demanding Users. Landscape Transformers and other accessories are also offered. Keeping with our motto: “LED Us Serve You” ….. FOCUS fixtures are equipped with LED light sources for the ultimate in long-life and reduced maintenance and of course reduced electrical costs compared to standard Halogen sources. BuyRite also offers LED Landscape Bulbs to enable our customers to easily upgrade their existing landscape fixtures to LED simply by changing bulbs to LED Retrofit landscape bulbs.

Products include LED Landscape Fixtures for Area Lighting, Path Lighting, Well Lights – InGround, Flood Lights and many other applications. Be sure to visit our website frequently as we continue to add new and exciting products for your outdoor lighting needs. Night time is Show Time with these great outdoor lighting products. Stop changing out burned out halogen and incandescent bulbs by switching to LED’s. Lower power consumption also means lower wattage transformers are needed. LED’s provide similar light color compared to traditional halogen and incandescent lamps in addition to similar light output. We chose appropriate LED sources to include in these fixtures to make your choices easier.

Now is the time to beautify your outdoors with LED Landscape lighting by FOCUS Industries, offered online at: www.buyriteledlighting.com.

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How old are you in hours?

OK, no calculators please. For starters there are 8,760 hours in a year (24 x 365). Oh, and a few more hours in a leap year, just to be mathematically correct. So, if you are 30 years of age, you are 262,800 hours old on your 30th birthday at the same time of birth. Of course, we rarely if not ever talk about our age in hours. But in light bulb life, we definitely do! Here are some typical life ratings of various lamps:

Incandescent – about 1,000 hrs.

Halogen – about 2,ooo to 3,000 hrs.

Fluorescent – about 20,000 to 30,000 hrs plus.

Compact fluorescent – about 10,000 to 15,000 hrs.

LEDs – typically 25,000 to 50,000 hrs.

Lamp manufacturers publish life ratings which really mean typically that at the average rated life (published life) of a light source, about half of the lamps will have failed. With LEDs, it may mean that at rated life, you have lost enough light output to consider changing them to new ones even though they most likely will continue to operate many hours more. So, let’s put this in perspective.

For the typical homeowner, a light bulb is used about 3 hrs per day or about 1,095 hours per year. So, if an LED light bulb has a rated life of 25,000 hours it should give you about 22.8 years of service. Compare this to a standard incandescent bulb that would give you only about a year of service. Starting to get the picture? We have not even touched on the fact that LEDs consume much less electricity which is your biggest cost of light factor. 

So, when considering switching to LEDs……do the math and make the decision for yourself. And if you ARE 30 years of age, when someone asks your age…….just say 30 instead of 262,800 hours. Why confuse the matter! 


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BuyRite LED introduces the FLOOD-IT portable cordless LED work/flood light!

Looking for a battery operated cordless LED work/flood light with Professional quality? Look no further. We now offer the FLOOD-IT by eKonomical. This 10 Watt LED power pack delivers a super punch of light where and when you need it. A simple 5 hour charge provides 4 hours of working time. Unit comes complete with mains and vehicle charger for on-the-go charging. Has overcharge and discharge protection. Is IP65 rated for weatherproof use. Is ROHS certified.

The FLOOD-IT is perfect for DIY, contractor, mechanic, repairman, serviceman, camper, automotive, marine, emergency lighting during power outages, and so many more applications. It’s small footprint and light weight make it ideal for getting the job done when you need supplemental light without the hassle of bulky lighting equipment and power cords. The FLOOD-IT in safety yellow includes a padded carrying handle and standard  feet. The unit can be swiveled any direction to provide light where you need it directed. An optional magnetic feet accessory is available to mount the FLOOD-IT securely to metal surfaces.

FLOOD-IT is fully rechargeable from standard 120V electrical outlets or 12V vehicles with the included vehicle charger. The Integrated LED has a 50,000 hour life rating. Light output is 900 Lumens from the 10 Watt LED flood light. Beam angle is 120 degrees. Housing material is aluminum and iron. Operating temperature is -25C to +50C. This is a professional portable floodlight that will provide years of service. FLOOD-IT is a must have!


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How to choose an LED light bulb!

Many folks are confused about buying LED light bulbs. You don’t have to be a lighting expert to make the right choices. But you do need to understand a few basics. Today’s labeling laws on product packaging enables consumers to get the information they need to choose the proper product(s). At BuyRiteLED we provide all the spec’s for each product listed. Just start by choosing the correct bulb shape you intend to replace, then follow the data on each product in that specific category. Your goal is to choose a similar LED bulb that has basically the same shape, base, color of light, and most important same or similar light output measured in lumens. Obviously, the wattage of the LED bulb will be much less….that’s the great news! It’s really that easy. Take a few minutes to educate yourself. You will be glad you did. LED light bulbs last for many years and save dramatically on your electric bill compared to traditional light source electrical costs. The industry is changing…… may LED’s light your way now and well into the future!

Please review the Q&A below for helpful information:

Q. How do I know what LED product to choose?

A. If you are replacing a traditional Lamp…….determine the type of Lamp you are replacing, it’s shape, wattage and light output measured in lumens and the application. Then follow our product descriptions to choose a Product that meets your needs.

Keep in mind that wattage of the existing bulb only tells you how much energy the bulb consumes (example: a 60 watt bulb consumes 60 watts).

Since LED bulbs consume much less energy, their wattage is much lower. Therefore, you should look for an LED replacement bulb that equals the “light output” of the bulb you are replacing. As an example: a 60 watt household bulb produces about 800 lumens of light whereas a typical LED bulb producing 800 lumens would typically consume less than 15 watts! So be sure to read the specifications of each LED bulb you are considering (particularly the lumens). Manufacturers are required to post labels on their packaging to include this information.

Here is a chart that provides approximate comparisons of incandescent vs. LED:


Incandescent Wattage

Equivalent LED Wattage

2600 lm


25 – 28W

1600 lm


16 – 22W

1100 lm


9 – 13W

800 lm


8 – 12W

450 lm


6 – 9W

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T8 Linear LED tubes for easy Retrofit! Simple lamp change only!

BuyRite LED Lighting is pleased to announce an exciting family of T8 LED lamps to replace T8 (1″) fluorescent lamps. What makes this product so unique is that they require NO rewiring and operate off the existing T8 fluorescent ballasts (must be Instant Start electronic ballasts). They are compatible with most electronic instant start ballasts currently in use (120V – 277V). Installation requires only that the User shuts off power to the fluorescent system, remove the fixture diffuser (lens) and remove the fluorescent lamps. Next install the LED tubes, replace the diffuser and power up. That’s all there is to it! Manufactured by Philips Lighting Company, these new T8 LED lamps called InstantFit consume much less electricity compared to 32Watts for a standard 4-foot T8 fluorescent lamp.

InstantFit LED lamps provide full light output in temperatures down to -22F and so are perfect for freezer cases, coolers, warehouses and many other cold environments in addition to normal ambient temperatures for general lighting up to temperatures of 113F.  InstantFit lamps are also perfect for applications with frequent “on/off” switching cycles (occupancy sensors). They offer instant on, no flicker or buzz and are mercury free allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal.  They emit virtually no UV or IR and are glass-free for safer working conditions and great for food handling areas. Since these T8 LED lamps are compatible with most Instant Start electronic fluorescent ballasts without the need for rewiring, fixtures maintain their original UL compliance. InstantFit LED lamps are UL classified and RoHs compliant.

Compared to standard T8 fluorescent systems, InstantFit can provide over 50% in energy savings and offer long life for long lasting savings in energy costs and maintenance costs. Philips InstantFit T8 lamps are available in color temperatures of 3000K (warm), 3500K (neutral), 4000K (cool white), and 5000K (blue-white daylight color). Changing out T8 flourescents to LED has now become a simple matter….. just change the lamps and enjoy the savings!

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LEDs for the Hospitality Market

Hotel owners know the importance of good lighting to enhance both interior and exterior spaces. Many factors come into play when choosing the right lighting. For exterior lighting it is important to provide safety and security for the guests whether it be the parking areas or entrances. In addition exterior lighting should also say “welcome” to the guests. Entrances and egress areas should allow for comfort, safety, and security during the evening hours. Lobbies are special areas of welcome and relaxation and should provide a warm ambiance for the guests as their first visual experience to the facility. Common areas need adequate illumination for people and equipment movement. Lounges and restaurants need special attention to provide the guests with a pleasant atmosphere that relaxes visitors. Hotels put a lot of attention into proper decor to set a certain look of their facility and lighting can be used effectively to highlight that decor such as artwork, sculptures, architecture and the like. Guest rooms in particular need to provide a feeling of being at home while providing the needed levels of light for reading, entertainment, and other necessary functions to prepare oneself for the next day.

Hotel owners typically utilize numerous types of light sources in their fixtures such as incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and HID lamps. While the choices are many, many of today’s light sources are becoming outdated and even outlawed due to inefficiencies. The cost of light must be considered when choosing the right light sources. The cost of electricity is of most concern as it represents about 88% of the total cost of light while maintenance (changing burned out lamps) takes up about 8% leaving only 4% to the cost of the products themselves. These percentages have been calculated by lighting manufacturers and thus the reason for them to introduce products that reduce costs where it counts! This leads us to the subject of LEDs. 

LEDs have reached the point to where they can replace just about any light source and provide an excellent quality of light while dramatically reducing operating and maintenance costs due to their reduced wattage consumption and extreme long life. They are also available in various color temperatures to match the color look of existing lamps. Yes, LEDs DO provide a pleasant ambiance while saving hotel owners big time. At BuyRiteLED our online store offers LEDs from only reputable and major manufacturers so you can be assured of quality. BuyRite’s website offers technical advice and helpful tidbits to make the buying experience user friendly and not to mention very competitive pricing!

Now is the time to upgrade with LEDs and stop wasting money on those excessive utility bills. This is a new era for the Lighting Industry and at BuyRite we say: “LED Us Serve You!”

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Upgrade to LEDs now or see what it costs to wait!

While many individuals and businesses are considering upgrading to LEDs, many are waiting for various reasons. Those reasons might be……waiting for prices to come down, waiting for newer/better products, or simply having difficulty cost justifying the upgrade. Well, the truth is………..don’t wait! Why? If one does the math, it makes good sense to upgrade now! If one waits, what is the true cost of waiting? The answer is quite simple. First, calculate the savings of changing from a traditional light source to an LED. To do that, simply determine the reduction of wattage to an LED lamp that delivers the same amount of light one has now. An example would be changing from a 65 watt incandescent flood light in a downlight (recessed can) to an LED floodlight of approx. 12 watts. That’s a reduction of 53 watts! If your utility rate is on average let’s say $.12/KWH and your downlights are on approx. 3,000 hours per year (common commercial hours), then you are saving 159 KWH per year by switching to a 12 watt LED floodlamp. At $12/KWH, that’s an annual savings of  $19.08 per year PER SOCKET! Let’s also assume you may have 50 downlights in your facility. That’s an annual savings of $954. If you divide your annual savings by 365, you can see that you are saving $2.61 per DAY!

OK, getting the picture? Let’s assume you wait one month (30 days) to upgrade. It just cost you $78.30 to WAIT! Assume you wait a full year…….it costs you $954! Would you rather pay your Utility Company an extra $954 per year or put that money into your pocket? Let’s keep digging deeper. If the 12 watt LED lamp costs you approx. $25, then your initial investment would be $1250 for 50 LED lamps. So, in fact……..you will recoup your investment in just over one year and continue to save year after year. Not to mention that the LEDs last maybe 20 times as long as an incandescent lamp. 

Yes, it makes good sense to upgrade now! Don’t wait! Start saving now! At www.buyriteledlighting .com we offer quality LED lamps at low prices. Make the switch to LEDs!

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Holiday Gift Idea – LED Bulbs!

Brighten your Holidays with a unique gift or stocking stuffer! A Holiday gift idea with LEDs might just start your new year with savings. Tired of changing those short life energy guzzling incandescent light bulbs? Flip the switch to LEDs and get 20+ years of life in most residential settings while also saving on your electric bill. At BuyRiteLED, we offer so many choices to replace bulbs in your home or business. From standard household types found in your table and floor lamps to flood lights in your ceiling to outdoor floods for your garage and exterior lighting. We are sure that the “techie” person in your family would enjoy this unique gift and will start him/her on the mission to upgrade the entire  home (or business). 

Don’t let a burned out bulb ruin your day anymore! LEDs are becoming the mainstay in the lighting  industry. Are they easy to install?………..of course, just remove the existing bulb and screw in an LED……that’s it! Not sure what LED to choose, check out our FAQ section for the answers you are looking for.

Happy Holidays from BuyRite………your online source for LEDs.

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LED Lighting for Funeral Homes: Huge Savings Available!

Lighting for funeral homes is certainly not overlooked by Directors. The main concerns are providing just the right amount of light and with the proper ambiance to instill a warm comforting level of light. Overall or general lighting is soft and subdued and individual task lighting is provided to illuminate objects to provide just the right amount of contrast. Typically, funeral homes utilize traditional incandescent or halogen sources to simulate lighting in one’s home. Therefore, the color of the light source is important if upgrading to LED lighting. To maintain the color ambiance of incandescent, a color temperature of 2700K should be utilized. When trying to maintain the color of halogen sources, an LED of 3000K would be the choice. Avoid using cooler color LED’s in the range of 4000K or higher in general viewing and public areas and even offices where clients will meet with staff. You want to provide a warming experience that most likely has been provided with traditional bulbs such as incandescent or halogen. 

Regarding cost of light…..it is important to realize how total cost of light is calculated. A typical incandescent flood lamp (approx. 65 watts such as a BR30 lamp) has an average life of approx. 2,000 hours. Consuming 65 watts over a 2,000 hour life means your electrical costs will be approx. 130KWH at an average nat’l elec rate of $.10/KWH or a total cost of $13.00 per bulb over it’s rated life in addition to of course the cost of the bulb. By changing to an LED bulb (BR30 type) of let’s say only 13 watts…….your electrical costs for 2,000 hours will be only $2.60! Note however that the LED bulb has a life of 25,000 hours vs. only 2,000 hours (various LED lamps have even greater life ratings…..see specs for each manufacturer). Let’s do the math! Over 2,000 hours your electical cost savings will be $10.40 and over the 25,000 hour life of the LED your electrical cost savings will be $130.00 per socket! Not to mention that you will replace the standard incandescent lamp 12.5 times compared to only once for the LED bulb. So what do you pay for a 65 watt incandescent flood lamp? Multiply that by 12.5 and see your actual bulb costs. You are probably spending more for those 12.5 flood lamps compared to only ONE LED lamp! It just makes good sense to switch to LED.

At BuyRiteLEDLighting.com, you can find the right LED lamp to replace most standard lamp shapes: Floods, spots, std incandescent household types, MR-16, linear fluorescent, etc. Just look under the bulb category and read the specs. Order Online and start saving  for your business! 

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