Holiday Gift Idea – LED Bulbs!

Brighten your Holidays with a unique gift or stocking stuffer! A Holiday gift idea with LEDs might just start your new year with savings. Tired of changing those short life energy guzzling incandescent light bulbs? Flip the switch to LEDs and get 20+ years of life in most residential settings while also saving on your electric bill. At BuyRiteLED, we offer so many choices to replace bulbs in your home or business. From standard household types found in your table and floor lamps to flood lights in your ceiling to outdoor floods for your garage and exterior lighting. We are sure that the “techie” person in your family would enjoy this unique gift and will start him/her on the mission to upgrade the entire  home (or business). 

Don’t let a burned out bulb ruin your day anymore! LEDs are becoming the mainstay in the lighting  industry. Are they easy to install?………..of course, just remove the existing bulb and screw in an LED……that’s it! Not sure what LED to choose, check out our FAQ section for the answers you are looking for.

Happy Holidays from BuyRite………your online source for LEDs.

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