LED Lighting for Funeral Homes: Huge Savings Available!

Lighting for funeral homes is certainly not overlooked by Directors. The main concerns are providing just the right amount of light and with the proper ambiance to instill a warm comforting level of light. Overall or general lighting is soft and subdued and individual task lighting is provided to illuminate objects to provide just the right amount of contrast. Typically, funeral homes utilize traditional incandescent or halogen sources to simulate lighting in one’s home. Therefore, the color of the light source is important if upgrading to LED lighting. To maintain the color ambiance of incandescent, a color temperature of 2700K should be utilized. When trying to maintain the color of halogen sources, an LED of 3000K would be the choice. Avoid using cooler color LED’s in the range of 4000K or higher in general viewing and public areas and even offices where clients will meet with staff. You want to provide a warming experience that most likely has been provided with traditional bulbs such as incandescent or halogen. 

Regarding cost of light…..it is important to realize how total cost of light is calculated. A typical incandescent flood lamp (approx. 65 watts such as a BR30 lamp) has an average life of approx. 2,000 hours. Consuming 65 watts over a 2,000 hour life means your electrical costs will be approx. 130KWH at an average nat’l elec rate of $.10/KWH or a total cost of $13.00 per bulb over it’s rated life in addition to of course the cost of the bulb. By changing to an LED bulb (BR30 type) of let’s say only 13 watts…….your electrical costs for 2,000 hours will be only $2.60! Note however that the LED bulb has a life of 25,000 hours vs. only 2,000 hours (various LED lamps have even greater life ratings…..see specs for each manufacturer). Let’s do the math! Over 2,000 hours your electical cost savings will be $10.40 and over the 25,000 hour life of the LED your electrical cost savings will be $130.00 per socket! Not to mention that you will replace the standard incandescent lamp 12.5 times compared to only once for the LED bulb. So what do you pay for a 65 watt incandescent flood lamp? Multiply that by 12.5 and see your actual bulb costs. You are probably spending more for those 12.5 flood lamps compared to only ONE LED lamp! It just makes good sense to switch to LED.

At BuyRiteLEDLighting.com, you can find the right LED lamp to replace most standard lamp shapes: Floods, spots, std incandescent household types, MR-16, linear fluorescent, etc. Just look under the bulb category and read the specs. Order Online and start saving  for your business! 

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