LEDs for the Hospitality Market

Hotel owners know the importance of good lighting to enhance both interior and exterior spaces. Many factors come into play when choosing the right lighting. For exterior lighting it is important to provide safety and security for the guests whether it be the parking areas or entrances. In addition exterior lighting should also say “welcome” to the guests. Entrances and egress areas should allow for comfort, safety, and security during the evening hours. Lobbies are special areas of welcome and relaxation and should provide a warm ambiance for the guests as their first visual experience to the facility. Common areas need adequate illumination for people and equipment movement. Lounges and restaurants need special attention to provide the guests with a pleasant atmosphere that relaxes visitors. Hotels put a lot of attention into proper decor to set a certain look of their facility and lighting can be used effectively to highlight that decor such as artwork, sculptures, architecture and the like. Guest rooms in particular need to provide a feeling of being at home while providing the needed levels of light for reading, entertainment, and other necessary functions to prepare oneself for the next day.

Hotel owners typically utilize numerous types of light sources in their fixtures such as incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and HID lamps. While the choices are many, many of today’s light sources are becoming outdated and even outlawed due to inefficiencies. The cost of light must be considered when choosing the right light sources. The cost of electricity is of most concern as it represents about 88% of the total cost of light while maintenance (changing burned out lamps) takes up about 8% leaving only 4% to the cost of the products themselves. These percentages have been calculated by lighting manufacturers and thus the reason for them to introduce products that reduce costs where it counts! This leads us to the subject of LEDs. 

LEDs have reached the point to where they can replace just about any light source and provide an excellent quality of light while dramatically reducing operating and maintenance costs due to their reduced wattage consumption and extreme long life. They are also available in various color temperatures to match the color look of existing lamps. Yes, LEDs DO provide a pleasant ambiance while saving hotel owners big time. At BuyRiteLED our online store offers LEDs from only reputable and major manufacturers so you can be assured of quality. BuyRite’s website offers technical advice and helpful tidbits to make the buying experience user friendly and not to mention very competitive pricing!

Now is the time to upgrade with LEDs and stop wasting money on those excessive utility bills. This is a new era for the Lighting Industry and at BuyRite we say: “LED Us Serve You!”

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