Upgrade to LEDs now or see what it costs to wait!

While many individuals and businesses are considering upgrading to LEDs, many are waiting for various reasons. Those reasons might be……waiting for prices to come down, waiting for newer/better products, or simply having difficulty cost justifying the upgrade. Well, the truth is………..don’t wait! Why? If one does the math, it makes good sense to upgrade now! If one waits, what is the true cost of waiting? The answer is quite simple. First, calculate the savings of changing from a traditional light source to an LED. To do that, simply determine the reduction of wattage to an LED lamp that delivers the same amount of light one has now. An example would be changing from a 65 watt incandescent flood light in a downlight (recessed can) to an LED floodlight of approx. 12 watts. That’s a reduction of 53 watts! If your utility rate is on average let’s say $.12/KWH and your downlights are on approx. 3,000 hours per year (common commercial hours), then you are saving 159 KWH per year by switching to a 12 watt LED floodlamp. At $12/KWH, that’s an annual savings of  $19.08 per year PER SOCKET! Let’s also assume you may have 50 downlights in your facility. That’s an annual savings of $954. If you divide your annual savings by 365, you can see that you are saving $2.61 per DAY!

OK, getting the picture? Let’s assume you wait one month (30 days) to upgrade. It just cost you $78.30 to WAIT! Assume you wait a full year…….it costs you $954! Would you rather pay your Utility Company an extra $954 per year or put that money into your pocket? Let’s keep digging deeper. If the 12 watt LED lamp costs you approx. $25, then your initial investment would be $1250 for 50 LED lamps. So, in fact……..you will recoup your investment in just over one year and continue to save year after year. Not to mention that the LEDs last maybe 20 times as long as an incandescent lamp. 

Yes, it makes good sense to upgrade now! Don’t wait! Start saving now! At www.buyriteledlighting .com we offer quality LED lamps at low prices. Make the switch to LEDs!

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