How to choose an LED light bulb!

Many folks are confused about buying LED light bulbs. You don’t have to be a lighting expert to make the right choices. But you do need to understand a few basics. Today’s labeling laws on product packaging enables consumers to get the information they need to choose the proper product(s). At BuyRiteLED we provide all the spec’s for each product listed. Just start by choosing the correct bulb shape you intend to replace, then follow the data on each product in that specific category. Your goal is to choose a similar LED bulb that has basically the same shape, base, color of light, and most important same or similar light output measured in lumens. Obviously, the wattage of the LED bulb will be much less….that’s the great news! It’s really that easy. Take a few minutes to educate yourself. You will be glad you did. LED light bulbs last for many years and save dramatically on your electric bill compared to traditional light source electrical costs. The industry is changing…… may LED’s light your way now and well into the future!

Please review the Q&A below for helpful information:

Q. How do I know what LED product to choose?

A. If you are replacing a traditional Lamp…….determine the type of Lamp you are replacing, it’s shape, wattage and light output measured in lumens and the application. Then follow our product descriptions to choose a Product that meets your needs.

Keep in mind that wattage of the existing bulb only tells you how much energy the bulb consumes (example: a 60 watt bulb consumes 60 watts).

Since LED bulbs consume much less energy, their wattage is much lower. Therefore, you should look for an LED replacement bulb that equals the “light output” of the bulb you are replacing. As an example: a 60 watt household bulb produces about 800 lumens of light whereas a typical LED bulb producing 800 lumens would typically consume less than 15 watts! So be sure to read the specifications of each LED bulb you are considering (particularly the lumens). Manufacturers are required to post labels on their packaging to include this information.

Here is a chart that provides approximate comparisons of incandescent vs. LED:


Incandescent Wattage

Equivalent LED Wattage

2600 lm


25 – 28W

1600 lm


16 – 22W

1100 lm


9 – 13W

800 lm


8 – 12W

450 lm


6 – 9W

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