T8 Linear LED tubes for easy Retrofit! Simple lamp change only!

BuyRite LED Lighting is pleased to announce an exciting family of T8 LED lamps to replace T8 (1″) fluorescent lamps. What makes this product so unique is that they require NO rewiring and operate off the existing T8 fluorescent ballasts (must be Instant Start electronic ballasts). They are compatible with most electronic instant start ballasts currently in use (120V – 277V). Installation requires only that the User shuts off power to the fluorescent system, remove the fixture diffuser (lens) and remove the fluorescent lamps. Next install the LED tubes, replace the diffuser and power up. That’s all there is to it! Manufactured by Philips Lighting Company, these new T8 LED lamps called InstantFit consume much less electricity compared to 32Watts for a standard 4-foot T8 fluorescent lamp.

InstantFit LED lamps provide full light output in temperatures down to -22F and so are perfect for freezer cases, coolers, warehouses and many other cold environments in addition to normal ambient temperatures for general lighting up to temperatures of 113F.  InstantFit lamps are also perfect for applications with frequent “on/off” switching cycles (occupancy sensors). They offer instant on, no flicker or buzz and are mercury free allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal.  They emit virtually no UV or IR and are glass-free for safer working conditions and great for food handling areas. Since these T8 LED lamps are compatible with most Instant Start electronic fluorescent ballasts without the need for rewiring, fixtures maintain their original UL compliance. InstantFit LED lamps are UL classified and RoHs compliant.

Compared to standard T8 fluorescent systems, InstantFit can provide over 50% in energy savings and offer long life for long lasting savings in energy costs and maintenance costs. Philips InstantFit T8 lamps are available in color temperatures of 3000K (warm), 3500K (neutral), 4000K (cool white), and 5000K (blue-white daylight color). Changing out T8 flourescents to LED has now become a simple matter….. just change the lamps and enjoy the savings!

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