Learn How to Choose LED Light Bulbs – A Tutorial!

So……ready to upgrade from standard light bulbs to LED’s? But not sure how to choose the right LED bulb? No problem…..we developed a Tutorial website that is fun and easy to learn all about how to choose LED bulbs. With only a short read, you can become your own expert! We teach you the basics […]

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BuyRite LED Lighting Introduces new line of LED Landscape Fixtures by FOCUS INDUSTRIES

BuyRite LED Lighting is pleased to announce our new family of LED Landscape Fixtures and Accessories by FOCUS Industries as of March 2016. FOCUS products are high quality and reasonably priced to meet the needs of Landscape Designers, Contractors, and Homeowners alike. We must also mention that FOCUS products are “USA Made” and offer a […]

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How old are you in hours?

OK, no calculators please. For starters there are 8,760 hours in a year (24 x 365). Oh, and a few more hours in a leap year, just to be mathematically correct. So, if you are 30 years of age, you are 262,800 hours old on your 30th birthday at the same time of birth. Of […]

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BuyRite LED introduces the FLOOD-IT portable cordless LED work/flood light!

Looking for a battery operated cordless LED work/flood light with Professional quality? Look no further. We now offer the FLOOD-IT by eKonomical. This 10 Watt LED power pack delivers a super punch of light where and when you need it. A simple 5 hour charge provides 4 hours of working time. Unit comes complete with […]

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How to choose an LED light bulb!

Many folks are confused about buying LED light bulbs. You don’t have to be a lighting expert to make the right choices. But you do need to understand a few basics. Today’s labeling laws on product packaging enables consumers to get the information they need to choose the proper product(s). At BuyRiteLED we provide all […]

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T8 Linear LED tubes for easy Retrofit! Simple lamp change only!

BuyRite LED Lighting is pleased to announce an exciting family of T8 LED lamps to replace T8 (1″) fluorescent lamps. What makes this product so unique is that they require NO rewiring and operate off the existing T8 fluorescent ballasts (must be Instant Start electronic ballasts). They are compatible with most electronic instant start ballasts […]

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LEDs for the Hospitality Market

Hotel owners know the importance of good lighting to enhance both interior and exterior spaces. Many factors come into play when choosing the right lighting. For exterior lighting it is important to provide safety and security for the guests whether it be the parking areas or entrances. In addition exterior lighting should also say “welcome” […]

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Upgrade to LEDs now or see what it costs to wait!

While many individuals and businesses are considering upgrading to LEDs, many are waiting for various reasons. Those reasons might be……waiting for prices to come down, waiting for newer/better products, or simply having difficulty cost justifying the upgrade. Well, the truth is………..don’t wait! Why? If one does the math, it makes good sense to upgrade now! […]

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Holiday Gift Idea – LED Bulbs!

Brighten your Holidays with a unique gift or stocking stuffer! A Holiday gift idea with LEDs might just start your new year with savings. Tired of changing those short life energy guzzling incandescent light bulbs? Flip the switch to LEDs and get 20+ years of life in most residential settings while also saving on your […]

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LED Lighting for Funeral Homes: Huge Savings Available!

Lighting for funeral homes is certainly not overlooked by Directors. The main concerns are providing just the right amount of light and with the proper ambiance to instill a warm comforting level of light. Overall or general lighting is soft and subdued and individual task lighting is provided to illuminate objects to provide just the […]

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