LED Loading Dock Lights Save Money!

Often overlooked by warehousing and trucking Companies are those nuisance loading dock lights that seem not to last very long. If your loading dock lights are equipped with standard Lamps such as incandescent or halogen, it is time to upgrade to LED. Dock lights take a lot of abuse due to rough applications and changing […]

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LED Utility Rebates!

LED Rebates Available in Most States To our valued commercial customers, be sure to click on the following link to see what Utility rebates may be available in your State. This will certainly help you make the switch to LED lamps. Be sure to read the procedures necessary which vary by Utility and State. You […]

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LED Bulbs for the Home!

LED bulbs for the home might seem like an expensive proposition! Actually, they are quite affordable when one looks at the entire picture. Many homeowners are sitting back and waiting for LED bulbs to come down in price before they make the plunge into this new technology. Another reason for delaying purchase is because many […]

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LED Lamps for Jewelry Stores: A great choice to save money and show off your best jewelry!

Attention jewelry store retailers….want to reduce your operating costs and showcase your best jewelry at the same time? Lighting is so very important to draw customer’s attention to your products for sale. Any Retailer will agree that properly merchandising their products is key to increasing sales and steering your store traffic to the right products. […]

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LED Recessed Down Light Kits

Want to upgrade your incandescent or halogen down lights? BuyRite LED Lighting offers a simple solution. Take a look at our easy to install retrofit kits. You can replace energy guzzling incandescent or halogen downlights with low wattage LED kits. By upgrading to LED recessed down lights you gain incredible long life. And not to […]

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Outdoor Weatherproof LED Floodlight Bulbs

Looking for an outdoor LED floodlight bulb? Look no further. BuyRite offers  weatherproof Outdoor LED lamps to replace existing incandescent or halogen flood lamps. Now you can illuminate outdoor signs, shrubbery, trees, structures, garage entrances, etc. These excellent products consume much less electricity and last for many years of trouble free lighting for your home […]

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LED Lamps for Restaurants: A Good Choice to Save Money

Without question, LED Lamps for restaurants are a great choice for restaurant owners looking to save money on their electric bill and reduce maintenance costs. Typically, restaurants have a variety of traditional light sources in their facility. They are used to illuminate the general areas and quite often used to create task lighting for specific purposes. Examples of […]

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Are there MR-16 LED bulbs that can replace 50 watt standard MR-16 halogen lamps?

With the increase of technology in LED lighting, today you can easily replace most popular MR-16 halogen lamps with LED MR-16 lamps.  They operate off the existing transformer and require nothing other than replacing the standard halogen lamp with an LED MR-16 lamp. Not to mention the extreme long life of LED lamps, so lamp […]

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LED Dimming

Even though many LED lamps are noted as “dimmable”, it is important to understand some facts about compatible dimming control devices.  Most dimming control companies provide compatibility charts for various manufacturers of LED lamps. Companies such as Lutron and Leviton as examples provide very useful information regarding the technical aspects of LED dimming controls. Click […]

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Energy Star Products

Many of our products are Energy Star rated. Why is this important? Click here:  Energy Star

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