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LED Loading Dock Lights Save Money!

Often overlooked by warehousing and trucking Companies are those nuisance loading dock lights that seem not to last very long. If your loading dock lights are equipped with standard Lamps such as incandescent or halogen, it is time to upgrade to LED. Dock lights take a lot of abuse due to rough applications and changing weather. No one wants to keep changing bulbs when they fail. LED dock lights are the answer. They offer extreme long life, very low energy consumption and can take the abuse. LED lighting is the right choice for rough service applications such as loading docks, machine stations, inspection stations, rugged indoor and outdoor spot lighting. BuyRite LED Lighting is your online source for quality LED loading dock lights by TCP, a renowned LED manufacturer. LED Dock Lights.

Properly manufactured LED dock lights should meet IESNA standards such as the TCP 16Watt Docklight that replaces up to the output of a 90PAR38 Halogen lamp and consumes only 16 watts! They are easy to retrofit existing dockarms and have a small profile while weighing in at only 4.5 lbs per docklight head. Also available from TCP is their COMBO kit which offers not only the docklight head but also the dockarm, all in Safety yellow. So stop changing out failed docklight bulbs and switch to LED’s…….now!

At BuyRite, we say: “LED us Serve you!”

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LED Utility Rebates!

LED Rebates Available in Most States

To our valued commercial customers, be sure to click on the following link to see what Utility rebates may be available in your State. This will certainly help you make the switch to LED lamps. Be sure to read the procedures necessary which vary by Utility and State. You may be able to dramatically reduce your upfront costs of buying LED Lamps by taking advantage of these Utility Rebates. BuyRite is only making this information available to our customers to assist you in finding available rebate information in your area. It is your responsibility to file for rebates according to the policies of each Utility. This Rebate Finder is courtesy of Philips Lighting, one of our valued suppliers of quality LED Lamps. Click here to access their helpful Rebate site: Philips Rebate Finder.Next to the map, click on “Find Rebates.”

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LED Bulbs for the Home!

LED bulbs for the home might seem like an expensive proposition! Actually, they are quite affordable when one looks at the entire picture. Many homeowners are sitting back and waiting for LED bulbs to come down in price before they make the plunge into this new technology. Another reason for delaying purchase is because many homeowners simply don’t understand the true value and benefits of LED lighting. The wait is over, now is the time to start changing over to LED lamps in YOUR household. First and foremost, LED prices ARE dropping and becoming affordable options these days. Also, some LED bulbs are lower priced than others because of certain features that may not be required……..such as dimming. Take a survey of your home and determine which lighting systems are on dimmers and which lighting systems are not. If dimming is not required, there are now available lower priced “non-dimmable” LED bulbs. You get the same quality of dimmable LED lamps, yet save in price since you are not paying for that dimming feature! BuyRite LED Lighting offers a complete family of household LED bulbs. Just match the LED lamps with the same shape and light output equivalency of the existing incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs currently in use. The only effort it takes is to remove those inefficient incandescent energy guzzlers and screw-in LED bulbs………that’s it!

Now onto the real benefits of switching to LED lamps. Become an educated consumer with a few simple facts. First, the biggest portion of your lighting dollars spent goes toward your Utility Company……..yes your electric bill. Let us explain……….an inexpensive 60 watt incandescent bulb with an average life of 1,000 hours will consume a total of 60KWH. At a national KWH rate of about $.12/KWH that ONE bulb will cost you $7.20 in electricity over it’s 1,000 hour life! If you replaced that bulb with an 8 watt (as an example) Household LED Bulb, you would only spend $.96 in electricity over a 1,000 hour time period! But wait, we are not done yet. The LED bulb has a life rating of 25,000 hours vs. only 1,000 hours for that incandescent bulb! So, at a savings of $6.24 per 1,000 hours the LED bulb will save a total of $156.00 over it’s 25,000 hour life. Now that’s amazing!

Ok, we know what you are thinking………. Read More »

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LED Lamps for Jewelry Stores: A great choice to save money and show off your best jewelry!

Attention jewelry store retailers….want to reduce your operating costs and showcase your best jewelry at the same time? Lighting is so very important to draw customer’s attention to your products for sale. Any Retailer will agree that properly merchandising their products is key to increasing sales and steering your store traffic to the right products. Lighting is a key factor in planning your store layout scheme. You want customers to feel comfortable, yet also be able to see your jewelry in the “best light!”. Most likely you have a combination of light sources for general illumination plus also for accent lighting. In typical jewelry stores, designers specify lighting fixtures that enhance the shopping experience with the proper level of light and very important the proper color of light. Halogen sources are very common in jewelry stores because they provide crisp white light to enhance gold, silver, and diamonds. A very often used fixture is a track system with 12 volt MR-16 halogen lamps which offer excellent accent lighting and a color temperature of 3000K, which is slightly cooler than standard incandescent. Overhead general illumination typically consists of recessed down lights with either warm incandescent flood lamps (2700K) or halogen flood lamps (3000K). Some retail stores also like to utilize small table lamps like those used in living rooms in homes because they provide a nice touch for their customers and makes them feel “at home.” They are usually placed in strategic locations such as on top of counters or at desk work areas. Wall sconces are also found in jewelry stores to provide a pleasing perimeter. Sconces typically contain decorative candle lamps (halogen being most popular). These same decorative lamps are often seen in chandeliers to give that “quality look” in the store.

Now that we are familiar with the most common types of light sources used in jewelry stores, let’s make some smart choices that enable retailers to maintain the look and feel that is necessary while at the same time dramatically reducing their operating costs……….electricity to operate the lighting systems. Electrical costs typically represent approx. 88% of a store owner’s lighting cost. Not to mention the maintenance costs associated with frequent changing of burned out light bulbs! Maintenance costs average approx. 8% of the store owner’s lighting costs. Nobody wants burned out bulbs in their store to detract from a visually appealing scheme, nor do they want to deal with the nuisance of changing bulbs when they do fail. 

LED Lamps from BuyRite LED Lighting can solve all these issues. Their on-line store stocks the LED products you need to save big! LED Lamps offer extreme long life, excellent color equivalent to the existing bulbs you are now using and most of all reduce your electrical costs due to their low wattage consumption compared to traditional bulbs. Simply look for the same bulb shape family of your existing lamps and then choose the appropriate color temperature and light output equivalency in an LED bulb. It’s that simple. BuyRite offers only brand name quality products so you can be assured of getting the satisfaction you deserve. You should always choose from reputable dealers when purchasing LED Lamps. 

For some suggestions, you might look at the following LED products:

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LED Recessed Down Light Kits

Want to upgrade your incandescent or halogen down lights?

BuyRite LED Lighting offers a simple solution. Take a look at our easy to install retrofit kits. You can replace energy guzzling incandescent or halogen downlights with low wattage LED kits.

By upgrading to LED recessed down lights you gain incredible long life. And not to mention, you reduce your wattage dramatically.

TCP 6" LED Downlight KitOur LED recessed down light kits also offers smooth dimming. If you’re not sure that the look will be similar to your existing incandescent bulbs, no need to worry… look for kits rated at 2700K color temperature that provides the same warm ambiance that you have now with incandescent lamps or 3000K for light color similar to halogen.

One more reason to choose this LED down light kit is this:  The Low Price! 

So order now from BuyRite. Start saving on your electric bill and eliminate frequent bulb changes since LED bulbs lasts for many years.

Did we forget to show you how great these products look in your ceiling? Take a peek at the graphic……….note the white trim to blend in with typical ceilings and the smooth finish. It’s like getting a whole new fixture.

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Outdoor Weatherproof LED Floodlight Bulbs

Looking for an outdoor LED floodlight bulb?

Look no further. BuyRite offers  weatherproof Outdoor LED lamps to replace existing incandescent or halogen flood lamps.

Now you can illuminate outdoor signs, shrubbery, trees, structures, garage entrances, etc. These excellent products consume much less electricity and last for many years of trouble free lighting for your home or commercial site.

Weatherproof LED bulbs are built to withstand the elements of rain, sleet, snow and “yes” even sunshine!

So stop replacing those short-life incandescent or halogen floods by switching now to state-of-the-art LED technology.

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LED Lamps for Restaurants: A Good Choice to Save Money

Without question, LED Lamps for restaurants are a great choice for restaurant owners looking to save money on their electric bill and reduce maintenance costs. Typically, restaurants have a variety of traditional light sources in their facility. They are used to illuminate the general areas and quite often used to create task lighting for specific purposes. Examples of task lighting would be over tables, over bars, perimeter accent lighting and in food preparation areas. Restaurant owners should be cognizant of how lighting can enhance the dining experience. The overall mood and ambiance should be subtle and inviting and provide a warm ambiance for diners.

restaurant image

Many restaurants utilize various objects to enhance their environment such as wall pictures, deco objects, and other various means to convey a particular image. So it is important to illuminate those entities or venues with appropriate yet “Cost Saving” techniques. Most
important, restaurant owners do not want short life lamps (bulbs) failing while patrons are enjoying a great experience.

So, the answer is LED lighting. With incredible long life and reduced power consumption, owners can save big time and reduce the annoyance of changing bulbs that constantly fail. LED Lamps last for years and usually save 50% to 80% in energy costs which is the biggest chunk of restaurant owners’s cost of light.

It is quite simple to choose the right LED bulb. Just look for the same shape and light output equivalency of the existing lamps being used. A simple retrofit takes place……..remove the existing lamps, and replace it with an LED Lamp. Examples might be: A-Lamp or Candle LED’s in sconces, Candle LED Lamps in chandeliers, BR30 or BR40 LED Lamps in downlights. LED’s are available to replace most lamp types used in restaurant lighting fixtures. It’s that simple!

Be sure to choose the appropriate color temperature to match what is being replaced. If replacing incandescent or halogen sources, choose a warm color temperature (2700K to 3000K). Most restaurants prefer the warm color (ambiance) of incandescent. Today’s LED Lamps can equal that look and actually provide a better quality of light.

LED Lamps, even though more costly than traditional lamp types, will provide excellent payback due to their low power consumption and long life. So the time is now to switch. See a complete offering that meets your needs at: BuyRite LED Lighting. Did we mention this is your opportunity to go “Green” with LED!

“LED Us Serve You” is our motto!

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Are there MR-16 LED bulbs that can replace 50 watt standard MR-16 halogen lamps?

With the increase of technology in LED lighting, today you can easily replace most popular MR-16 halogen lamps with LED MR-16 lamps.  They operate off the existing transformer and require nothing other than replacing the standard halogen lamp with an LED MR-16 lamp. Not to mention the extreme long life of LED lamps, so lamp replacement or maintenance costs are drastically reduced. It just makes sense. Since standard MR-16 bulbs are predominantly halogen, choose 3000K LED MR-16 bulbs to match the same light color of halogen that is being replaced. Be sure to check the lumen output in order to equal the light output of the lamps you are replacing. Just read the specs, it’s easy! Perfect for track lighting and other display lighting fixtures in retail stores, homes, etc. Buy now and start your savings! MR16 LED Bulbs.

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LED Dimming

Even though many LED lamps are noted as “dimmable”, it is important to understand some facts about compatible dimming control devices.  Most dimming control companies provide compatibility charts for various manufacturers of LED lamps. Companies such as Lutron and Leviton as examples provide very useful information regarding the technical aspects of LED dimming controls. Click here:    Lutron      Leviton

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Energy Star Products

EnergyStarMany of our products are Energy Star rated. Why is this important?

Click here:  Energy Star

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